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Segovia Hostels, Segovia Pensions, Segovia Youth Hostels
Hostels, Pensions, & Youth Hostels in Segovia Spain

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 Comments by SegoviaMan:
About Hostels, Pensions, & Youth Hostels in Segovia

SegoviaMan has compiled a fairly extensive collection of cheap lodgings in Segovia, Spain including hostels, pensions, & youth hostels. One can read reviews and recommendations of several of Segovia's lodgings in the "Hostels & Other Lodgings" forum of ALL SPAIN Message Board. One should consider choosing a location somewhere in or near the old city center; somewhere around the cathedral, Plaza Mayor, or near the Roman Aqueduct in Segovia as all interesting places in this zone are reachable on foot.

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Featured Hostels, Pensions, & Youth Hostels in Segovia

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¡ Su Albergue de Segovia Aquí !

There's Also: Segovia Hotels y Self-Catering Apartments in Segovia
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Segovia Hostels "Hostales" & Segovia Pensions
Hostels & Pensions in Segovia Spain

Hostal Plaza

Zone: 50m from Plaza Mayor
Hostal Miramar

Zone: near Segovia Aqueduct
Hostal Fornos

Zone: near Segovia's Plaza Mayor
Hostal El Hidalgo

Zone: between Aqueduct-Plaza Mayor
Hostal Sol Cristina

Zone: near Segovia Train Station
Hostal Taray

Zone: Old Town Segovia

Segovia Youth Hostels

No Youth Hostels in Segovia Yet ¡Su Albergue Juvenil de Segovia Aquí! No Youth Hostels in Segovia Yet

Visit for Spain's "hostales",
"pensiones", & youth-hostels which have websites

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